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The Basics

If your team of innovative entrepreneurs develops a product or service that’s a good fit for an e-commerce store or application, we want YOU in the E-Commerce Circle. Winners will be whisked away to beautiful Austin, Texas, where they’ll get a month-long e-commerce immersion experience at the fabulous Bigcommerce offices with a personal e-commerce coach, a collaborative office space, and your very own online store. 

**Entry Due 24 hours after your event ends**


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Judges/Judging criteria


Finalists will be judged on:

  • Business Model: Can this idea make money? Is there positive customer growth or revenue? Is there a customer acquisition / rollout strategy? Has a revenue model been defined and is it realistic? Is the idea/team ready for capital and execution? Would you invest in this company at this point?
  • Customer Validation: Did the team identify customers (demographic, location etc)? Did the team get out and talk to customers? What is the value proposition to customers? What channels of communication are used? Product/Market fit?
  • Technical – Execution: Is there a functional product ( the case of an app, did they build one)? Were architecture diagrams and API signatures included? Which services did they integrate with? How much of the product is running on a real server with non-sample data?
  • Design – Execution: Does it have a professional look and feel? Does it deliver a compelling and captivating user experience? Is it memorable? What key insights were gathered over the weekend to go in this creative direction?
  • Team - Longevity: Does this team have the pieces, skills, and leadership to successfully move forward on this idea? Does this team seem committed to making their idea work in the long-term?
  • E-Commerce Criteria: (a) Thoroughness of pitch (b) Creativity & reach of video submission (c) Viability, originality & scalability within e-commerce go to market model (via Bigcommerce) (d) Team dynamic - level of collaboration & drive that could lead to success


  • Teams must develop a product or service with a go-to-market model best fit for an e-commerce store or application *hint hint: Your video submission should showcase how you will sell via e-commerce (Bigcommerce is offering a free 45-day trial at
  • Each team must have participated in Startup Weekend and agree to the official rules of Global Startup Battle and Startup Weekend and any additional rules for the e-commerce circle contest
  • Bonus: When sharing via social media use the hashtag #GSBecom & cc @bigcommerce

For more information, please view the official Circle page at


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